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            National security expert weighs in on peace deal in Afghanistan

            If all parties stick to the deal all US troops will be out of Afghanistan in 14 months.

            HARTFORD, Conn. — The United States and the Taliban have reached a historic deal that would cease major United States involvement in Afghanistan and end what some officials are calling an endless war.

            If all parties stick to the deal all US troops will be out of Afghanistan in 14 months.

            It's a deal that has many hoping for its success.

            Alex Plitsas who is a national security professional reacted,  “Fingers crossed all the parties keep their word, which there is distrust and many reasons to be distrustful, but that’s not a reason to not give it a shot.”

            Alex Plitsas says as a former pentagon official,  US veteran who served in Iraq, and a defense civilian intelligence officer operating in Afghanistan he has his own outlook of the deal.

            Plitsis says he sees why some would say it's a bad idea for the US to negotiate with the Taliban, but it’s for the greater good.

            Plitsas said, "I tend to disagree, I think that the sacrifice that's been made got us to this point, we've been in a stalemate and the stalemate is the result of the fighting that's been taking place.

            Saturday, a US envoy and a Taliban political official moved to end the 18-year conflict.

            The deal would require the u-s to withdraw some 13,000 troops in the next 14 months as long as the Taliban keeps its side of the deal.

            "What is critical that has to take place is, that Afghanistan can not be used as a safe haven to harbor terrorists from which they can launch attacks against the United States, so as long as that happens I think there is a good reason to bring our forces 天津福彩app官方下载 because that was the objective we all sought to achieve and if we can get there through peace even better,” said Plitsas.

            The deal would also pave the way for future negotiations between the Afghan government and the Taliban.

            The Connecticut chapter of the Iraq and Afghanistan veterans of Americans responding to the peace deal with the following statement:

            "It is disappointing that this is a deal that we could have made 18 years ago. Our hearts are with all those that we have lost and who are still suffering both American and Afghan, it is tim to end the forever war. It is time to admit we don't have a path to victory that we foresaw, especially with the war all but forgotten amongst the general public. Today we are hoping for the best for the people of Afghanistan while fearing for the worst."

            Steve Kennedy
            CT Team Leader IAVA

            Thousands of US soldiers have died in the conflict when the United States started its war on terrorism against the Taliban. The group harboring figures like Osama Bin Laden after the devasting attack on US soil on 9-11.
            The signing of this deal would help President Donald Trump fulfill his key campaign promise to put a stop to America’s "endless wars" which is a sentiment that Plitsas says has support from both sides of the aisle.
            Plitsas said, "So this is one of the first times in the last three years that Trump took office that populist, progressives, neo-cons units around a single uniform policy objective and through the same means."

            Other congressional leaders are also reacting to the deal.Senator Richard Blumenthal issued the following statement:

            “Congress must closely scrutinize this agreement, starting with testimony by Pentagon leaders before the Armed 天津福彩app官方下载 Committee. We must rigorously and unsparingly review actual adherence by the Taliban, troop withdrawal timetables, force protection, and other urgent questions raised by this still-uncertain deal. Not least is the question of strategy, both diplomatic and military, in this twilight transition period. As always, our nation is grateful to servicemembers, our intelligence community and others, along with their families for their brave and effective service.”

            Plitsas says going forward we are going to have to watch out and see if the Afghan government will release some 5,000 prisoners back to the Taliban by the March 10th deadline to ratify the peace deal.